The big picture

We have served in Wycliffe Bible Translators for 30 years. Wycliffe helps people around the world to translate the Bible into their own languages. When people have God’s words in words they can understand, they can worship God rightly, their lives become oriented toward loving God and their neighbors, their communities are strengthened, and they have hope!

Why do we do this? Because we know what God’s Spirit has done for us through the Scriptures. 

Our role

This year, Fraser is beginning a new role in Wycliffe’s partner organization, SIL LEAD (“LEAD” stands for “Language, Education and Development”). SIL LEAD provides technical expertise to internationally-funded development projects in minority language communities, so that those communities can thrive using their own languages.

Education: SIL LEAD helps local schools teach kids from minority language communities to read first in their own languages, so that they become better learners in all their school subjects. Better education means a better economic and social situation for the whole community, and more people who can read the translated Scriptures for themselves.

Health: SIL LEAD translates and adapts vital public health information for minority language communities, so that they can make positive health decisions.

Technology: SIL LEAD helps minority language communities create dictionaries, graded readers, and other books using free, open source software, so that they can build their own libraries for education, health, and spiritual teaching.

For language communities that desire access to the Scriptures, SIL LEAD’s literacy work provides important support for Scripture use—see How does SIL LEAD contribute to the proclamation of the gospel?

Boosting literacy to open God’s word for the unreached peoples of the world

Your role

Your gifts enable our continued ministry with Wycliffe. Wycliffe is a “faith mission,” which means that our salary is paid from donations to Wycliffe that are “preferenced” for our ministry. We currently have 95% of the minimum financial commitments required for Fraser to begin his role in SIL LEAD, and 84% of the full funding required for our work.

95% of minimum commitments 84% of full 100% funding

For more details about how the financial side of things works, see A word about money.

Your prayers empower our Wycliffe ministry. This is spiritual work, requiring spiritual power. Nothing happens without prayer. You can sign up for our newsletters and prayer updates, and help fuel our ministry through your prayers.

After our full Wycliffe ministry budget has been raised, Fraser will begin his new role as Assistant Director of SIL LEAD.