Here’s a list of materials you will need for making masks using my modified Jesse Killion pattern. There are actually three lists: what you need to make the sample shells, what you need to make the masks, and tools you will need.

You can watch the 37-minute tutorial video here:

Note that the video shows how to make a two-layer cloth face mask. It does not have a filter pocket or inner filter layer! I would rather have a tight-fitting mask that doesn’t leak than one with a filter that leaks around the edges.

It is possible to put a permanent inside layer of chiffon in this pattern. I’ll post another video about that sometime.

To make the sample shells, you will need:

To make masks, you will need:

For the nose wires you will need:

For the ties to secure the mask, you will need:

If you put in a filter layer of chiffon, you will need either:

Tools you will need:

  • Clover clips
    I have about 30 of these. You really need to use clips rather than pins, so you don’t puncture the front of the mask.
  • Needle nose pliers for cutting cable ties and wires
  • Butane lighter for melting the sharp edges off cut cable ties

I know it’s dangerous to talk about favorite scissors, but I use:

It’s not strictly necessary, but my ironing board is happier with a: