I’ve been learning the ins and outs of Bloom, SIL International’s award-winning software that makes it easy for anyone to make a book.

One of the strengths of Bloom is its library of “shell books”. A shell book is a book in one language, with text, illustrations, and layout—it’s all ready and waiting to be translated into another language. It’s a great way to build a library of books in a language that doesn’t have many. As of today, there are 2138 titles in the Bloom Book Library. Browse some of the titles, such as “David e Golyat” (Haitian Creole) or ປັດສະຄາ (“Passover”, Lao).

Just for practice, I translated one of the basic Bloom shell books into Latin. (I know, Latin has lots of books already. =^) You can download my translation as a PDF file or an ePub document. Do any Latin scholars out there want to help me improve it? Or you can find the original in the Bloom Book Library and translate it into another language!

Image by Angie and Upesh, © 2017 Pratham Books. CC-BY-4.0.


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