ON SATURDAY we held a graduation party for Ruth. No cap and gown ceremony, but we had 50 people in our house to witness Ruth receive her high school diploma, and consume the mounds of chicken wings that Samuel cooked.

Then on, Sunday we drove Ruth up to the University of Dallas and moved her into Madonna Hall, her dorm home for the summer. She’ll spend the next two months eating, breathing, and sleeping first-year chemistry. We’ll have her at home for two weeks in August, and then she will return to the University of Dallas (but to a different dormitory).

We are astonished at how the Lord has provided for Ruth to study at UD. Scholarships, need-based aid, a campus job, and very generous family and friends are making this possible, with only a tiny bit of help from the federal student loan program. Such a gift!

For the last two years I’ve been reminding Ruth that she was going to college as she took her “high school” classes at Mountain View Community College. But now she has really “gone away to college”, and it really is different. It’s a different dynamic around the house. There’s not as much piano music. And there’s more driving for mom and dad to do!

It’s bittersweet, but I can’t persuade myself that there’s more bitter than sweet. It’s terrifically exciting.


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